Video Game Warzone #70: GamesOnSmash VS The Bitbag

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Special guest Blade from Gamesonsmash finally made an appearance on the show with the rest of his podcast crew. At one point it got real serious and personal with a few of the members, but after getting some issues off of our chest we were back to the good old stuff you’ve come to love from previous podcasts and round tables with The Bitbag and Gamesonsmash crew. Blade proved once again that he’s the funniest guy on the podcast scene. Also on this show:

Warzone 70

Dante’s Inferno melted me
Quantum Theory Multiplatform
NPD – I was wrong
New Dark Void trailer and why you should get this game
VGA awards
ModNation Racers to the PSP
Predictions for the VGA’s and for 2010

Gamer Feud Blitz

1. Name the first 3 games that featured Mario
2. How many revisions are there of the Nintendo DS
3. Master Chief was featured in a non-Halo game. What was it?
4. Gran Turismo’s released date was pushed back again, T or F
5. What recent XBL indy game just got approved for PSN?
6. Snake was a character that was seen on what current consoles and games?
7. What new platforms is the game Scene It on?
8. What was the first 128-bit game console?
9. What popular hack and slash Wii game is going multiplatform?
10. What novel is the game Halo REACH based on?


Bob Marley
“Buffalo Soldier”

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