Video Game Warzone #69: Does Sony Get A Boost From Universal’s New Bluray/DVD Hybrid Disc?

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On today’s show, Hiphopgamer and I debated the title of one of his recent vidicles. He stated that Sony will get a boost over Microsoft because of Universal’s new hybrid Bluray/DVD format. I changed the title to ‘Customers Will Get A Boost…’ Now when I first read the title, I really thought Sony had some new tech that was going to give them the edge in the console war. HHG thinks that because someone buys a Bluray disc, it helps Sony…even thought the press release was all about Universal. This is the same tech that Warner Bros. and Universal used in 2006 with HD-DVD. It didn’t give Microsoft a boost back then, why would it give Sony a boost now? The customers are the ones benefiting by only having to buy one disc.

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