Video Game Warzone #58

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On this episode we debate about what is HD and what isn’t. Hiphopgamer insists that 600p in not HD. The term sub-HD is toss around like it’s an actual standard. Torrence insists that anything over 480(NTSC standard) or 525(PAL standard) lines of resolution is considered HD. We also get into a debate over whether FFXIII is really being dumbed down or not. Torrence takes time to smash PS3center and their claims against SE. Also on this show:

* Halo ODST trailer (Torrence)
* Gamesonsmash podcast (Torrence)
* Champions not Online (Chad B)
* What PS2 games would you like to see remade? (Braynbasher)
* PSPGo being the key to Sony selling more multiplatform titles (Hiphopgamer)
* Epic is rumored to be working on a PS3 exclusive (Hiphopgamer)

Talib Kweli Ft. MF Doom – “Fly That Knot”
Album: Right About Now

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