Video Game Warzone #57

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On this episode we talk about what Microsoft NEEDS to do with the 360 at this point and that is drop the Elite to $199. It’s a year older than the PS3 and it shouldn’t be the same price. Fans and Bitbaggers get into a huge debate with HHG about his claims that Heavy Rain is destroying the PC game industry. This argument goes on for about 30min. Candid Anthony comes on the show and smashes Hiphopgamer. We also discuss how Take Two is ripping us off by making us pay for the 2K10 Draft Combine making the total cost of 2K10, $65. Lastly we debate on whether or not a game should be completed 100% before it’s reviewed. Also on this show:

* Why I’m not getting Batman AA until next year and why you shouldn’t judge games off of videos (Torrence)
* I challenge Hiphopgamer to a Game Review Battle (Torrence)
* I ask the fans if they believe Uncharted 2 can’t be done on 360 (Torrence)
* Game cost is too high (Chad B)
* Hulu possibly coming to 360 (Chad B)
* TGS possible FFVII and Kingdom Hearts announcements (Weapon X)
* GT car damage looks real (HHG)
* Possible Home update announced at TGS (HHG)

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