Video Game Warzone #44 – E3 Is Not A Competition

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On this episode we debate heavily on whether E3 is a competition or not. Torrence suggests that a competition has a winner and a loser. If E3 has a winner, then who is the loser? Hiphopgamer suggests that E3 is a competition and compares it to a hiphop concert which Torrence also says is not a competition. Toward the end of the show all hell breaks loose when Hiphopgamer and Weapon X declare that Sony’s price drop will be $100. Torrence loses it for about 20min trying to make the two understand that Sony can’t afford to drop it that much and makes a bet with them.

Also on this show…

  • False E3 rumors (Torrence)
  • What old games are you looking to get? (Torrence)
  • Do I and should I care if Heavy Rain could be done on 360? (Jon)
  • Sony may win E3 (Hiphopgamer)
  • Nintendo’s next peripheral may be Power Glove (Hiphopgamer)
  • And much much more…

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