Video Game Warzone #36: XMB And How To Get It Up To Par With NXE

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On this episode we discuss NXE vs XMB and which features both need to be more effecient. We discuss pros and cons of both and also debate Home and when it will actually live up to the hype. Also on this show:

* Gamer Feud! The very first VGW game show! Listen in and see if you can guess the answers to some of the questions that were asked
* Is Sony’s break away controller a soon to be reality?
* How being a game journalist makes it hard to finish games
* Virtual On excitement
* Torrence gives the finger to the GDC committee
* and much much more!

“Blue blue skies…”

 Daytona USA – Sky High

Dragon Chan is the second fight

[youtube xldx4qnpdjQ]

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