Video Game Warzone #32: Is Capcom Dropping A Megaton On Monday?

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Today on the Video Game Warzone we discussed what Capcom is possibly announcing on Monday. We also discussed Mass Effect 2 and the possibilities of it going to PS3. Lastly, was Sony’s Killzone 2 ad enough to grab those unknowing casual gamers?

Show Highlights:

* SFIV sales, controllers, comparisons
* What is going on with the video game war
* Mass Effect 2
* KZ2 commercial and is it enough?
* Infamous Vs Prototype
* Capcom trailer
* 10 Questions To Drive my co-hosts and listeners crazy

1. Can KZ2 be done on the 360? Explain

2. Can Will GT5 be as deep as Forza 2?

Plus 8 more questions!

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