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Video Game Theft Leads to a Wild Police Helicopter Chase

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Video Game Theft Leads to a Wild Police Helicopter Chase

Ontario, Canada ? A video game theft at a game center in Hamilton led to a huge high-speed police chase. The more surprising thing is that there were helicopters involved.

The suspects break into EB games and stole a Honda Civic for their escape. The chase started right where they god the video games. The police immediately responded after receiving the alarm of the video game hall at 3:15 AM.

At first, the two suspects were travelling on foot. They just stole the car because they saw that the police have responded.

Looks like an Action Movie with Fast Cars and Choppers

The chase does not stop with the policemen chasing the car with another car. Another reinforcement came into play in the form of a chopper. This was the eye of the police from the sky. Things get more exciting for the people watching the news because the culprits for the video game theft decide to work at 180 kilometers per hour.

The chase went on from street to street. The police relied on other tactics already to make things faster. They have set-up spikes but it did not work. The suspects just past by it and continue to drive fast.

The footages will also show that the suspects even attempted to fill up their tank with gas. They have struggled but they were almost successful in doing so.

Unsuccessful Attempt to Catch the Culprits

Even when they have already deployed the best men for the work, these culprits have pure luck with them. When the police was about to catch them, they jumped off the car and walked the narrow streets. They even ran into an apartment home in Jarvis Street.

The video game theft took away games and consoles that totaled to $3,000. These are seen all over the back seat of the car. The police is still verifying whether there were other materials that were stolen and were brought by these two men.

Right now, the police have released the information about the suspects in the video game theft. They are hoping that they will catch them soon. In fact, they have deployed more people to work with the case. Sooner or later, they will come up with handcuffed suspects.

Do you think the police did enough already? Also, do you think it is worth to resist arrest for stealing video games? Do you value your video games that much?

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