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Video Game Characters And Their Real-Life Counterparts

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Video game characters can sometimes be just as iconic as the actors in Hollywood. They go through swashbuckling adventures, fight on the streets and maybe even kill a God or two for revenge. They?ve definitely earned their fair share of fans.

Of course it?s easy to see that some video game characters tend to have Hollywood counterparts; intentional or not, it?s a fun thing to spot. This list takes a look at some of gaming?s biggest icons and their celebrity counterparts.

Kratos (God of War) and Bill Goldberg (WCW, WWE, Various films)

The man who tore through the Gods of Olympus has a lot in common with the unstoppable force that dominated the WCW roster. Both men are bald bad-as*es who can pretty much destroy anyone in front of them.

As far as weapons go, Kratos loves to use his signature chain blades, while Goldberg likes to spear his opponents into oblivion. Granted it?s not a literal spear, but he sure seems to enjoy making his opponents suffer, just like a certain God of War.

Ellie (The Last of Us) and Ellen Page (Juno, Super, X-Men: Days of Future Past)

The moment Ellie was revealed, everyone compared her with Juno star Ellen Page. The girls look similar to each other, and they also have quite the mouth on them; Ellie?s numerous quips from The Last of Us are quite similar to Page?s adorkable references in Super.

Page and Naughty Dog actually had a minor dispute with how Ellie looked, but that?s water under the bridge. Ellen Page would later star in Beyond: Two Souls and has even expressed interest in playing The Last of Us on her PS3.

Joel (The Last of Us) and Gerard Butler (300, Gods of Egypt, Olympus Has Fallen)

Speaking of The Last of Us, Ellie?s protector Joel, has a lot in common with the king of Sparta. Both sport the manliest of beards and an intense personality that few actors or game characters can match.

Both Joel and Butler aren?t afraid to get their hands — or beards — dirty. Joel will punch an infected right in the face if he has to, while Butler has reminded many a fan why his role in 300 will remain his best, thanks to the film?s several insane battle sequences.

Link (The Legend of Zelda) and Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Troy)

Orlando Bloom has portrayed a blonde archer in a green suit before, and it wouldn?t be impossible to compare him with the savior of Hyrule. Even if Link doesn?t talk, his facial expressions are enough to convey his emotions, something Bloom is capable of as well.

Some jokes can be made about how bland Bloom and Link are, which is another reason why they?re perfect as each other?s counterparts. Link is a very vanilla protagonist, the same way that Bloom is a conventional actor.

Geralt (The Witcher series) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Few actors in the realm of Hollywood can match the fabulous hair of Geralt, but the man who portrayed the God of Thunder comes close. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Geralt also?shares a body that would make the most detailed naked statues jealous.

Both men also have little problems seducing the ladies and they can kick a lot of butt as well, whether its with a monster-specific sword or Mjolnir.

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