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Video Calls in Facebook: How to Use it

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Facebook has officially joined the video messaging age.

Facebook, according to Tech Week Europe, is going to re-vitalize the Messenger app with video messaging capabilities. It stands to join other messaging apps in offering this kind of service to mobile phone users, especially in a day and age when video messaging is as normal as chat messaging is.

In relation to Facebook messenger finally receiving a video messaging app, this BGR report comes across as a timely piece. For people who are still in the dark as to how the messaging thing works, this report has a how-to on the video messaging app and its uses.

An Added Plus

Facebook has since made its intentions felt that it aims to be there when the big boys are playing, as evidenced by its acquisition of the company who makes the Oculus Rift VR headset.

In recent news, Facebook aims to make history once more with the addition of video messaging for its mobile phone app. Video messaging has been widely available, ever since the first smartphone with a front-cam came out. Now, Facebook joins in on the fun with a video messaging option of its own.

iOS and Android users won?t have to wait for long as the latest service launches right now. So far, the countries that have received the update include those in North America and Europe, with Asia and the others soon to follow in the coming months.

How to Make Video Calls

It is admittedly confusing to try Facebook?s new tech out, but this report from BGR aims to make it simple.

WhatsApp?a Facebook-owned company?was also cited to have received a call feature, in recent news. However, the technology of WhatsApp could have been explored by Facebook in their creation of the video-call feature. BGR lays out these guidelines on how to use the latest video-call option from Facebook:

  • First, tap the phone icon in the top-right corner of the screen while inside the app. This initiates a call inside Messenger.
  • To start a video call, users should tap the new ?camera? icon.
  • To answer a video call, users should tap the camera icon again.

Simplicity is Key

Facebook would do well not to confuse its customers. With video-call and video conferencing as big as it is today, Facebook could stand to benefit from their latest move. As time passes, they could also perfect the technology, learning new things along the way as this option expands.


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