[Video] Bad Girls Club Season 15 Sneak Peek: Watch As Catfight Erupts And Security Has To Step In

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Bad Girls Club Season 15 premieres this Tuesday, March 15, featuring four sets of sisters ready to tackle each other. Watching the sneak peek below, we thought the only missing thing is a catfight? we?re wrong. Around thirty five seconds into the teaser, we see two sister groups at each other?s throat as they climb down the stairs. For a while, we thought we clicked a UFC fight preview, but no.

It?s unclear who started the fight but it looks serious enough for security to step in. Bad Girls Club is notorious for a lot of cuss words and confrontations, but the stairway scene must have upped the ante. It?s easy to dismiss the scene as scripted, but we can hear real blows hitting real faces and clothes getting ripped, not the least a stunned security with the bad luck of getting his hair pulled. This is serious.

Unruly as they are, the sisters are thrown into the reality show with hopes that they?ll develop sibling bonding and gain new friends. That seems to be a laughable goal while we?re watching the trailer.

Originally launched in December 2006, the show is already in its 15th season and the girls are getting more aggressive and unruly. Bad Girls Club season 15 will follow the sisters as they live it out in a luxury mansion for three months in Los Angeles, CA. Tensions are expected to be double the fun with a sibling rivalry overlaid on a bigger rivalry, bad blood between the competing groups.

Providing sanity to the wild cast is returnee life coach Laura Baron, who seems to have an uneviable job to tame the following cast:

  • Angela and Kristina Babicz from Clifton, NJ
  • Olivia Adams and Diamond Jimenez from Allentown, PA and New Jersey, NJ
  • Annalia and Jessica Giordano from Staten Island, NY
  • Amber Thorne and Asia Jeudy from Houston, TX and Brooklyn, NY

Are you a fan? Who are you rooting for and why?

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