Victoria Beckham Peed Her Pants? Social Media Explodes!

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Last night, Victoria Beckham threw a lavish bash to celebrate the first year anniversary of her elegantLondon store. However, Victoria was seen leaving the bash as she clinged on to her husband David Beckham.

She was also seen with a rather noticeable wet patch on her black jeans, on both the front of her crotch and the back, suggesting that she had an accident, perhaps with a glass of bubbly within the bash. Not just that, the star appeared to be inches from a tumble when walking down the stairs on her way out of the bash, said a report by Daily Mail UK.

According to E Online, Victoria?s representative said, ?This was simply the result of the most unfortunate positioning of a spilt drink, whilst Victoria was sitting down – thankfully it was not a ‘dampener’ on what was a fantastic night.?

A report by Hollywood Life?states that a source informed, ?Victoria had been working so hard ahead of her show. She?s been running around and using every ounce of her energy. She let her hair down last night and had a few drinks.?

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The report further said, ?The wet spot wasn?t the only thing tainting Victoria?s signature black outfit, though. She was also covered in a white powder. Her and David took a run through the balloon room and the got the white dust all over their clothes,? one partygoer said.

However, during the party Victoria seemed in a good mood and she even tweeted a picture of herself with husband David, enjoying a drink.

Some of the fans too tweeted about the incident:


Well, though she had a minor mishap at the party, with her man on her side, we can say that she has certainly survived herself from a what could have been a really embarrassing moment.


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