Viber’s Call Quality Exceeds that of Skype

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People are always looking for a cheaper alternative to making calls. There are plenty of mobile virtual network companies in the United States offering unlimited, all ? in country ? wide calling with LTE data for $40 ? 50 a month. However, people are still hungry for cheaper alternatives to communicate with their loved ones and business partners. It turns out that Viber has exceeded the quality of calls provided by the pioneers Skype and GrooveIP.

Skype Versus Viber

Skype is one of the first VoIPs out there that is now available on Android. It gives you a pay ? as ? you ? go alternative voice calling rate of 2.3 cents per minute with U.S numbers. Skype is also offering $2.99 per month of unlimited U.S calls. It may not be free like GrooveIP, but these rates are worth considering.

The newest kid on the block is Viber and has Skype ? like services that people will enjoy, as well. It has recently launched a VoIP service for landlines and non ? Viber mobile numbers for a fee called Viber Out. All calls that you make to other Viber or Skype users are free.

The VoIP services of Skype requires a payment of 2.3 cents per minute for calls within the United States. Viber Out, on the other hand, charges only 1.9 cents per minute for calls within contiguous U.S. As a comparison, you are saving under half a cent with Viber Out than Skype?s similar services. We can clearly say that Viber is cheaper.

Overseas Calling

Skype is now charging more than 17 cents per minute when you call a UK mobile. Google Voice, meanwhile, charges 21 cents for UK mobile calls. Viber only charges 5.9 cents per minute for the same call, with a 1.9 cent rate for UK landline calls. If you will compare the three, you will notice that Viber remains the cheapest option.

TechNewsWorld tested the call quality of Viber and compared it to GrooveIP and Skype. Viber has a similar quality to its competitors. This is most probably the reason why the Internet ? based calling service provider has over 200 million users. However, one rule of thumb to prevent bill shock is to route the call over to Viber than using your phone network.

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