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VG Eliminates EG in Lower Bracket for an All-Chinese Final in The International

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Over the weekend, we saw teams Na`Vi and Invictus Gaming get eliminated from The International. With both previous champions out, this only means that we will be crowning a new champion this year.

Five teams competed in the lower bracket to see who will face team Newbee tomorrow in the finals. All games were best of three and losing teams will be eliminated from the tournament.

After losing to team Newbee in the?upper?bracket, team Vici Gaming bested the other 4 teams to take revenge on their fellow countrymen. VG didn?t have an easy path ahead of them as they defeated teams Cloud9, DK, and EG to win the lower bracket final.

The match between VG and Cloud9 was a back-and-forth series, with both teams taking a game each before VG decisively won the third game.

The second series was between Chinese teams LGD and DK. LGD, whom many say was the dark horse of the tournament, failed to put the nail on the coffin of team DK. Though not as surprising, it was a disappointing loss for LGD after winning the tight first match.

This ends the run for teams Cloud9 and LGD but they will be rewarded with at least $655,541 each for their troubles.

The VG and DK match was a tense series despite team VG taking it in two games. Coming into the lower bracket, many predicted DK will be a strong contender for the final slot. Unfortunately, a more prepared VG team capitalized on their early game and never looked back. Team DK finishes 4th place and takes home at least $819,426.


With VG moving on, they now have to face EG, who was waiting in the lower bracket finals. VG immediately crushed ?EG?in the first game, only taking 16 minutes before the Americans calling ?GG.? The second match was perhaps the most entertaining of the day, as an intense match kept all fans on their feet throughout the game. Team EG was able to bounce back after a demoralizing first game loss and now shifted the momentum on their side. But that didn?t seem to affect?VG in the last game as they managed to win the game even faster than the first one. They ran down the enemy team in just 15 minutes and only giving a single kill to EG.

With the win, VG will now be facing team Newbee in a best of 5 all-Chinese Grand Final tomorrow. VG is set to take revenge after previously losing to them in the upper?bracket. The winning team will be receiving at least $5 million while the losing team will get $1.47 million for their efforts.

Stay tuned tomorrow and see who takes the $5 million!

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