Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and Husband Shot Dead

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The 2004 Miss Venezuela and her British ex ? husband were gunned down in front of their daughter during a car robbery.

Thomas Henry Berry, 39, was murdered along with Monica Spear, 29, when their car broke down in Venezuela.

Their five ? year ? old daughter, Maya Veliz, survived and is now recovering in the hospital with her grandparents. She was injured in the attack.

The travel firm boss moved along with his parents, Tom and Kate, to Venezuela when he was seven. Berry used to travel back regularly to visit his friends and relatives.

Berry?s sister, Katie, moved to Britain several years ago and now lives in Scotland with her husband, Luis.


On a Hunt

Detectives are searching for their killers, who shot them down after their car broke down on a motorway.

Berry?s ex ? wife is the 2004 Miss Venezuela winner, who had a successful career as an actress. From her new home in the United States, she had to return to Venezuela for a break with her family.

Their four ? year marriage ended up in a divorce in 2013. However, the two remained good friends.

The formerly married couple were thought to have spent the holiday together with their daughter Maya, just before the killing incident last night.

They were travelling to Valencia, Venezuela?s third largest city, in a gray Toyota Corolla when the attack happened. The shooting took place in El Cambur, about 200 miles west of Caracas.

Spear suffered multiple gunshot wounds, while her ex ? husband was shot in the chest. Their bodies were brought to a morgue in Valencia.


Shot after Resisting

Police chief Jose Gregorio Sierralta headed a team of detectives to work on the case.

According to police sources, the couple had been gunned down after resisting before taking over the car. The vehicle has been taken by the police for forensic tests.

Two state prosecutors were assigned to investigate on this double murder.


One of the Most Violent Countries

Venezuela is considered to be one of the most violent countries in the world.

Caracas has the sixth greatest number of homicide incidents in any large city around the world. It has recorded over 98.7 homicides per 100, 000 residents in 2011. There were 118, 541 homicide incidents in Venezuela between 1999 and 2010.


A Spectacular Divorce

Spear told a local newspaper that her divorcer from Berry was a spectacular one. She said that her friends were amazed when she said that she had not suffered.

The former Miss Venezuela beauty queen considers her ex ? husband as a very civilized person. They decided to keep seeing each other for the rest of their lives for the sake of their daughter.

Spear assured that there were no problems between them and she wishes the best for Berry.


Pouring Tributes for the Beauty Queen

Tributes were given into the beauty queen?s Instagram account when the news of her murder broke. Fans described how unfair life was and expressed their sympathy to Spear and her family.

Spear posted a video just six hours before she was killed at 10:00 p.m, local time in Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro promised to make beating violent crime as his number one priority. The polls proved how it became a main concern of Venezuelans.


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