Velvet Sundown: Newest Social Multiplayer Game Packed With Secrets and Conspiracies

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If ?in reality, the lives of some are packed full of conspiracies, secrets, trickery, and treachery, the same goes for the virtual life of those who will play Velvet Sundown. Devised by Tribe Studios, the characters in the game are faced with the ?difficulties of not being able to tell the difference between their friend and their enemies.

And thanks to Tribe Studios, a Finnish game development firm, the open beta testing for this newest social multiplayer title has now started. It recently just made an official announcement regarding Velvet Sundown?s beta testing phase.

In the start of each game, the player will be randomly assigned with one of the title?s 11 characters. Each of the ready-made characters has his or her different agenda to complete. In addition, the character has a randomized goal to pursue as well. However, being able to achieve the character?s objectives is not as easy as what some may think, since everyone else in the game also has their mysterious goals and secrets. Some of the other individuals in the game may not be as ready to cooperate with your character as you would want them.

Basically, being able to complete the game?s scenarios successfully would be totally up to you. You would have to be cunning. You would have to make complete use of your wits as well as your social skills, so that you can obtain what you need without revealing your own secrets.

All of the scenarios in the social multiplayer title require at least 4 players. This means that all of the other characters you will encounter and see are played by some other real people. With the game being based on social aspects, you would need to complete your quests by chatting and interacting with the characters of the other players in the game.

You can download Velvet Sundown here.

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