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Vaulted App: Invest in Gold With Ease

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Why you should invest in gold through the Vaulted app:

  • Gold is insured and manufactured at the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Your holdings are safely stored in state-of-the-art vaults
  • Gold is protected from theft, losses, damages, and misplacements

Limited quantity, universal demand, high exchangeability, and our natural affinity towards gold make this precious metal less susceptible to market volatility and immune to devaluation like government-issued fiat currency. 

Gold prices have historically surged during major recessions where stocks, bonds, and even real estate tumbled. When transacting in gold, you are essentially free from banking limitations or restrictions. Hence, it stands to reason that while gold value could grow your net wealth through value appreciation over time, it could also offset investment losses from stocks, cryptocurrency, and other forms of market sentiment-dependent assets.

The Vaulted App

Photo: Vaulted

The Vaulted app is an easy way to buy insured gold manufactured at the Royal Canadian Mint, an ISO 90001:2000 certified refinery owned by the Canadian federal government. When you purchase 99.99 percent pure gold through the app, your holdings are safely stored in state-of-the-art vaults. Since your gold is insured, you are protected from theft, losses, damages, and misplacements while knowing that your holdings cannot be leased out in any way.

You can create a Vaulted account within a minute, link your checking account, and initiate a transfer to your new Vaulted account for seamless buying and selling of gold during market hours. 

Gold Buying Experience to Expect on Vaulted

Photo: Vaulted

During market hours, you can expect instantaneous gold transactions by simply entering the amount of gold you wish to purchase and then confirming the order. When selling gold, click on “Sell Gold” on the app and then enter the amount in U.S. dollars for instant order completion.

Transaction fees never go above 1.8 percent, and there’s a 0.4 percent annual maintenance fee for the safe storage of your assets. The Vaulted team works hard to avoid waiting periods or holdovers, and even offers to FedEx your holdings at your home within a week if you wish so. 

About Vaulted

Vaulted is backed by McAlvany Financial Group and is managed by a team of experienced people who have overseen precious metal transactions worth over $2.5 billion. The intuitive app is often audited by cybersecurity companies like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and is monitored by Google software developers to ensure the secure storage of sensitive user information. 

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