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?Van Helsing? TV Show Premiere, Plot, Cast: It’s More Like ‘Walking Dead’ Than ‘Dracula’?

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Van Helsing
Van Helsing premiers on September 23

Van Helsing TV show premiere is all set to happen today, September 23. ?The newest Syfy entry follows the life of Vanessa, a girl who had to spend three years of her youth in coma. While she was in her semi-dead state, a vampire apocalypse has made the world a dangerous place for humans.

When Vanessa wakes up from deep sleep, she could be the last chance of humanity against the vampire apocalypse attack. Aside from the vampires, a large portion of the United States also has to deal with a natural calamity in Van Helsing.

Kelly Overton will play the role of Vanessa. She is a relative of popular vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing. Overton will be joined by Jonathan Scarfe who plays Axel. His character that will most likely appear in the first episode. Actors Christopher Heyerdahl and Rukiya Bernard are also part of the cast.?

Van Helsing TV Show: More Like Walking Dead Than Dracula?

Since the upcoming Van Helsing television series features a vampire apocalypse, many expect that it is going to be more like Dracula. However, critics say it actually has more similarities with shows like The Walking Dead.

Sources claim that the majority of the vampires from Van Helsing act as if they are zombies. They don?t look like vampires from Dracula, like how they should be. Instead, their faces are always in shifting degree and they eat their victims as if they are zombies from the The Walking Dead. There are too much grunting and slurping, which many finds inappropriate.

Vampires are expected to be posh. But most of these so-called vampires in Van Helsing do not look aristocratic that even Dracula might deny them as his brethren.

Nevertheless, the plot and the performances of Overton and Scarfe, along with other cast members are fairly enough reasons to see the upcoming series.

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