Van Helsing TV Series Season 1 Set to Premier on September 23

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Van Helsing
Van Helsing premiers on September 23

Van Helsing the TV Series is about exploring a world completely dominated by vampires. ?Our heroine is Vanessa ?Van? Helsing, a descendant of the Van Helsing lineage of warriors who must lead mankind in the vampire-ruled post-Rising world.

It is different from the movie predecessor. For one thing, our hero is a heroine who has the ability to cure vampires with her blood by biting them. Van is played by True Blood alumna, Kelly Overton. Her character Van wakes up from a coma for 3 years, into a post apocalyptic world that?s dominated by vampires.

?The really awesome part is discovering that she [the character Van] has certain special abilities. Discovering all that and just being a woman who has to figure out who she is, it?s like an awakening,? ?she shared in an interview with Peri Nemiroff, together with some of the Syfy series? cast members during the recent Comic Con event in San Diego. The best part? Weapons. She?s got a sword, a rifle and a shotgun, among others.

No vampire cliches

It?s refreshing to know that there are no vampire cliches in the Van Helsing TV series. Jonathan Scarfe, one of the show?s stars, happily shared that there will be no vampire cliches in the TV run. ?No mirrors and garlic, they?ve all reimagined that. None of the crosses with holy water. Not even true immortality,? he shared. ?I think it?s just actual longer life and different blood types and different reactions to your emotional reality.?

He is quick to add though that they?ve got a lot of vampire variations. ?We?ve got ancient ones, and new ones, and ones who only feed on blood and go down a different road, and lose all their human traits?we got a whole lot of plethora right there.? There?s definitely no missing the vampires?human disguise, as with other vampire stories, will not be part of this series.

The premise of Van being able to cure vampires with her blood brings a challenge though. Christopher Heyerdahl, who?s also part of the cast, shares that there?s a wonderful struggle between what the consciousness is within as a vampire versus what it is to be a human being.

?Sometimes, I think in a lot of the characters there?s a challenge of do we want to stay human, or do we want to follow the trend, and the trend in this world is being vampire.?

The new series will debut on September 23. Filming for all 13 episodes is finished and ready to roll. Standby for more updates at The Bitbag.

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