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Vampyr Has Multiple Factions Affected By Player Choice

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Vampyr will have multiple factions. [Image from Steam]

Vampyr is one of the most anticipated action RPGs coming to gaming systems later this year, which is shocking when you consider it’s made by Dontnod Entertainment. The team has also worked on the fan favorite Life is Strange, so there should be a lot of eyes on the game. It looks like the game will have plenty of depth and exploration, with the developers promising multiple factions players can control based on their choices.

During an interview with Gaming Bolt, the game’s Lead Designer dished out on some interesting details about the game, like the multiple factions. “Throughout the course of the game you can become friends with new factions, you can control them based on your actions. So your relationship can evolve in Vampyr.” It’s not exactly new, but it should add more depth to the game, which should be a fun action RPG.

The developers have also revealed that players will be going against one particular vampire hunting faction, so they should be fun enemies to fight. “They are vampire hunters, and they are about the only people who know about vampires in the game. We also have other factions who study vampires, and they document what they find. There are enemy factions and friendly factions.”

While this is an action RPG, Dontnod has stated that there won’t be random loot in the game, which might upset loot fans. “We don’t have random loot in the game. We are not a game like MMOs where you’ll have to replay, and replay, and replay to maybe, at some point get some random loot that will work.”

Having factions to fight and control should add plenty of variety to Vampyr, which continuously shows promise. The game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, though it’s not clear if it will have PS4 Pro or Xbox One X support.

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