The Vampire Diaries Spinoff: Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder to Reunite in New Series?

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Vampire Diaries Spinoff

At the present time, the Season 8 finale of The Vampire Diaries is approaching rapidly and fans are still waiting for Nina Dobrev to come back. Despite already airing six of 23 episodes, signs of Dobrev?s return is still nowhere to be found. Under these circumstances, Dobrev could be doing a bigger project which is most likely a Vampire Diaries spinoff.

The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Predicted Cast

Obviously, the very first actress to star in the rumored Vampire Diaries spinoff is none other than Dobrev. In addition, it appears that Ian Somerhalder and his wife Nikki Reed will be playing a huge part as well. According to the recent rumors, Dobrev is going to have a busy year ahead as she will be appearing in the spinoff.

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Dobrev will soon be reunited with Somerhalder this time due to the fact that the actor is the one to produce the new alleged series while being accompanied by his wife. According to the website Variety, Somerhalder is actually making his plans for his future as a producer. Surprisingly, rumors suggest that Somerhalder was able to land a deal with Warner Bros. TV with his wife tagging along with the project.

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Vampire Diaries Spinoff

Vampire Diaries Spinoff: Nina Dobrev As Lead Actress?

Given that the series was also produced by Warner Bros., the chances of having a spinoff is significantly high. With that in mind, reports suggest that Dobrev has already been tapped to be the lead actress of the rumored spinoff series given that her comeback is highly anticipated. Apparently, bringing Dobrev in the new series is without a doubt a smart move, in order to attract more viewers.

At the present time, it seems like an official confirmation from Warner Bros. is all that?s needed. However, there’s little doubts regarding Dobrev and Somerhalder?s ability to pull this off with all the rumors being thrown at them.

Furthermore, Somerhalder stated that he wants Dobrev?s character to be awake without the brothers? knowledge. In that case, it could create a potentially good storyline which can be connected to the alleged Vampire Diaries spinoff.

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