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The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Return Of Nina Dobrev A Good Or Bad Thing?

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Nina Dobrev will return to The Vampire Diaries Season 8. This was teased by no other than Julie Plec, the executive producer, in a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry. She confirmed that Dobrev agreed to return to The Vampire Diaries series finale. But is this a good thing or a bad thing for fans?

It would be a good thing if her return would give the show a boost of ratings and would tide the show over for at least another season. The bad thing would be if she appears again – either as Elena or Katherine – would that be the bang to end the show; not having a Season 9 to look forward to. The latter is not too bad really, given the show had already suffered a continuous drop in viewership after Dobrev?s exit.

Ian Somerhalder, playing Damon Salvatore, already shared that The Vampire Diaries Season 8 would be the last season. Kat Graham, playing the role of Bonnie Bennett, already announced that she would move on after The Vampire Diaries Season 8. If these two main characters will be out of Season 9, then how could the show go on anymore? Dobrev?s exit already made the show less intriguing, their exits would make the show next to nothing really.

Looking from this standpoint, it looks like The Vampire Diaries Season 8 could be the show?s last season. Again, it would not really be a bad thing especially that Dobrev, the main character, should be back to give it a strong boost up–to give justice to the story for loyal fans. A last season with Dobrev would actually be better than a new season without the main characters.

It is always nice to take a look at the bright side of things but some question remains. How will Dobrev?s return affect the show and how are the writers going to bring her back in? What of the production quality now? Will the show be presented better and boost its ratings before it cancels? Or will it be remembered as something that?s too little and too late? I guess we will get to see how it plays out.

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