‘Vampire Diaries Season 7’ Spoilers: Elena Returning? Bonnie Bisexual? What?s Happening To Stefan And Caroline Plus More!

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Vampire Diaries will surely get a new kick for their next season as surprising events are set to unfold. Although Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, will be leaving Vampire Diaries, Executive Producer Julie Plec hinted a more new and exciting season that will leave fans craving for more vampire romance.

?22,190 Days?

The season premier of Vampire Diaries titled 22,190 Days has fans wondering what the days could mean to the characters of the show. ?I saw that somebody leaked that title, but it?s not the whole thing,? Julie Plec said in an interview with TV Line. ?It?s actually something like ?Day 20 of 22,190,? give or take,? she added. Asked what it was counting down to, Plec answered it as a ?counting down to the beautiful inevitability of his reunion with his one true love. If you don?t know who ?he? is, we suggest you look forward to watching the new season.

Bonnie Bisexual?

Expect a new kind of love for season 7 of Vampire Diaries as Bonnie will be heading into a fresh relationship, a new bisexual relationship that is. Fans have been speculating whether this relationship is going to head down a different lane, meaning if bisexuality will be added to the mix. In fact, Kat Graham has always wanted her character to be bisexual, according to International Business Times. But Julie Plec responds to the question that every fan always asks. ?In theory, we were all for it, and it?s entirely possible it could happen someday,? she shared on an interview with TV Line. ?But Kat really believes in it as a potential road for her character, and we support it 100 percent, so if it ever feels right for the character, we?re all for it,? she added.

Stefan and Caroline relationship

Stefan and Caroline fans will be in for a treat with season 7 almost on the way. ?I would say Stefan and Caroline are part of one of the bigger surprises of the season, which we?ll unfold around Episode 6 or 7,? Julie Plec shared with TV Line. ?It?s a bit of a fun curveball to throw their way,? she added.

The Vampire Diaries will return for a seventh season that will be out on October 8, according to TV Line.

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