The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 16 Spoilers: Damon To Sacrifice Self For Stefan

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Brotherly love.

If you?re in trouble, there?s no best person to go to than someone of your blood. And there?s no closer blood ties than those of brothers.

Expect this kind of set up in the forthcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 7. According to the report of Christian Today, the love of Salvatore brothers for each other will be the highlight of the next episode of the seventh season of the TV series.

How? Well, Stefan, portrayed by Paul Wesley, will be in danger in Episode 16, prompting his elder brother Damon, acted out by Ian Somerhalder, to sacrifice his own life in exchange for his brother?s safety (that?s so sweet and selfless of Damon ? not at all like his usual self!)

The recent teaser revealed that Rayna, who is played by Leslie-Anne Huff, can be heard of hinting about how the younger Salvatore can be free of the Phoenix Stone. How is that? He has to transfer the scar to his beloved brother Damon. Will Stefan allow his brother to risk his life for his sake?

It should be noted that Stefan has previously declined to sacrifice his brother?s life for his own safety but the next episode suggests that he will finally be convinced to push through with the idea. Why? We have yet to find out.

What to expect on the forthcoming show? Damon is really serious in making things right, so he will be trying to save Stefan by asking to transfer the scar to him. This is despite his own life being endangered. Enzo will also try to clean his name after being tagged into Rayna?s escape from The Armory. However, he will be bumping into Nora, which will also lead to an upsetting discovery.

Michael Malarkey, who plays the role of Enzo, denies the accusations that he helped Rayna to bolt off the Armory.

Ian Somerhalder is directing the episode 16 (Yes, Damon himself, folks!).

Catch the return of ?The Vampire Diaries? Season 7on April 1, on The CW.

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