“The Vampire Diaries” Cancelled? Damon and Stefan to move to the Originals?

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Stefan and Damon Salvatore – taken from moviepilot.com

How has “The Vampire Diaries” been, ever since one of its main characters, Elena (played by Nina Dobrev) has basically been written off as practically dead, with the star leaving the show after breaking up with hunky boyfriend Ian Somerhalder, who plays vampire Damon Salvatore. ?Delena? fans have surely been heartbroken over this news but rumors of an even bigger heartbreak might soon be looming ? the cancellation of the show.

That news won?t be soon though as the CW has just announced the early renewals of 11 of its TV series, including “The Vampire Diaries”. The network has had a good track record of popular shows, including Supernatural, The Flash, DC?s Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow. As reported on EW.com, CW president Mark Pedowitz spoke about the series renewals – ?The CW has become home to some of the most critically-acclaimed shows on broadcast television, with a wide array of fantastic scripted series across the week, ranging from musical comedy, to superhero action, to gritty sci-fi dramas. As we continue to further our strategy of more year-round original programming, picking up these 11 series for the 2016?2017 season puts us in a great position of having proven, high-quality shows to launch in the fall as well as midseason and summer of 2017.?

Unfortunately, it seems that “The Vampire Diaries” show ratings have been on a decline since news of Dobrev?s leaving the show hit. It is sort of hard to keep interested in a TV series that became popular because of a love triangle between vampire brothers and a teenage girl when the prerequisite girl leaves the scene. Although nothing is confirmed yet and the show did get a season renewal, signs of its impending doom are present, unless the writiers and producers do something drastic to revive it. It?s already been pushed to the Friday 8pm slot, which really isn?t prime time on TV as no one watches at that time. If “The Vampire Diaries” did get cancelled, will the CW explore putting the cast into parts of its spinoff show, The Originals? And will vampire brothers Damon and Stefan transition into that storyline easily? What do you think? Still love “The Vampire Diaries” without Elena or try something new for Damon and Stefan on the Originals? Or maybe something else entirely, who knows? But go ahead and sound off your thoughts!

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