Valve’s Updated Steam Controller Now Sports An Analog Stick

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Revamped Steam Controller by Valve now has an analog stick

Revamped Steam Controller by Valve now has an analog stick

Developer Valve?s in-development Steam Controller has been shown off online. This time, it appears that the device will now include an analog stick. First discovered by Steam Database and by a user in the FacePunch forums, this revamped version is the controller?s third major revision to appear publicly.

An image of the device was tweeted by @SteamDB (shown above). It displays a diagram that apparently trades the four left-side buttons for an analog thumbstick. This new physical control feature of the Steam Controller now sits on the bottom right side of the left trackpad. If the photo is indeed a planned adaptation of the device, it may be a move by Valve to make it more versatile.

With the addition of an analog stick, it seems that the Steam controller gets more and more traditional. The first prototype was revealed on September last year and featured a touchscreen, two large trackpads along with a few buttons. Provided with the right lighting and angle, the device slightly resembles the face of an owl. Moreover, the second prototype was shown off last January; that time Valve gets rid of the touchscreen and included two sets of AB-XY buttons.

For first-person shooter games, a touchpad on the right-hand side is still logical as it can provide a more precise way for gamers to aim. In theory, the touchpad or trackpad may allow for more precision sniping or aiming, compared to an analog stick. But for character movements, precision is not necessarily needed — what?s more important is the quickness and agility by which you control your character or the game as a whole. This is where the analog thumbstick comes in. Similar to the PC?s keyboard controls, analog controls can quickly be thrown in any direction with just a few little twitches of the thumb.

It was reported that Valve, in their previous Steam controller models, intentionally avoided to include analog sticks. This is due to their earlier goal of replicating the experience of using their haptic feedback-infused trackpads which are equipped with electromagnets.

As of the moment, it?s still unclear whether this latest iteration of the Steam Controller will be the final design. Furthermore, Valve hasn?t disclosed when exactly the controller and the Steam Machine consoles will be released, but recent reports said it was postponed until 2015.


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