Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Release Date This May, Azure Revolution Coming As Well?

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After many questioned if Sega?s cult-hit remastered game would be released outside Japan, Sega has confirmed that the Valkyria Chronicles Remastered release date for the West will be on May 17. This re-release will feature 1080p graphics that run on 60fps, new trophies to get and all of the previously released DLC now on the disc.

Gematsu has confirmed a number of special editions will be coming for audiences in North America and Europe. Americans will have a limited edition Squad 7 metal case, while European gamers can get the special Europe edition, which comes with a 32-page art book called The Art of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. It will feature designs for the game?s characters, environments and more.

Originally released in 2008 for the PlayStation 3, Valkyria Chronicles was a critical success, but it didn?t do too well in sales. Critics and fans alike praised the game?s crisp cel-shaded visuals and unique combat system, which mixed third person shooting with real-time strategy elements.

While not a huge sales success, Valkyria Chronicles did gain a big fan base, which is likely why Sega has finally decided to bring the game to the West. Prior to the announcement, many thought that the HD re-release would be a Japanese exclusive.

Now that Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is coming to the Americas and Europe, there is a good chance that Valkyria Chronicles: Azure Revolution will be coming as well. It seems like Sega will want to see how the re-release will do in the West first, before deciding to localize the latest installment of the critically acclaimed series.

Until an official announcement is made, Azure Revolution doesn?t seem to be coming to the West anytime soon. Still, at least fans and new players can enjoy Valkyria Chronicles Remastered when it comes out on the PlayStation 4 on May 17.

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