Vainglory Update: New Hero, Quests, And More For Summer Season

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Vainglory Update

The multiplayer online battle arena game, Vainglory, has become one of the biggest mobile eSport games that runs on touchscreen devices. Developer Super Evil Megacorp is introducing a summer eSports season which is being backed by Amazon. According to the developer, it is bringing something unique in the Vainglory update this summer. The event will start today and will run until September 11.

On its official blog, the studio revealed new details about its plans for the summer season. The company will introduce new heroes and quests in the Vainglory update. The free hero rotation will bring six unique heroes every week. Players can use these characters throughout the week in the Casual queue. It would be an opportunity to try these playable characters before the players unlock them using ICE or Glory.

According to the developer, the game will feature new heroes including the jungle warrior Rona, snipers Kestrel and Petel, protectors Ardan and Catherine, and the star commander Celeste. ?Each week, six heroes will be temporarily unlocked. The rotation will change every Tuesday. Those who haven?t joined the game should note that the heroes that have appeared in the season won?t be making a return until the next few weeks or months. The unlocked heroes will be available for a short period of time, so it would be better if you could unlock them with ICE or Glory later after trying the heroes.

Throughout the season, players will be getting rewards on the App Store. The discount will be available in the form of Amazon coins, as the company has partnered with the developer, Venturebeat reported. The report also suggests that Amazon will host a championship once the season gets completed. It is not clear when the event will be held. For coverage, interested fans can check Twitch stream. Those who haven?t played the game yet can check out TheBitBag for more Vainglory updates and guides.

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