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Vainglory Mobile Game Updates: New Hero, Friend System, And Other Features To Watch Out For

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The popular mobile MOBA game is getting a new set of updates.

Vainglory is becoming popular for the mobile gamers thanks to its MOBA gameplay and features. Now it is getting another game update that will add new heroes, balance changes and some new features to improve your gaming experience.

New to the game is the hero Halcyon Fold, Blackfeather, he is an assassin that can dual wield and can dish out a hefty amount of damage to your opponents and can buff your allies and even debuff your enemies. He has a skill that leave a trail of roses on the field, any allies who step on the trail will get a movement bonus, he has an attack skill where he can throw a slow debuff on enemies, and his ultimate can land an AoE attack and has two charges. Blackfeather also has a heroic perk called Heartthrob where he can deal damage and land extra crystal damage to opponents that can also improves his other attack skills whenever his enemies are fully stacked.

Another feature is the improvement of the friend system. Aside from informing you if your friend is online, you can also know who your friends are playing with, the characters they are using and the progress of their game. You can now send the notification to your friend if you can join up to their next match. Another addition is to check and compare your guild from other guilds in the game, as well as some new costumes for Vox, SAW and Krul.

The fixes on the game include some rebalancing on certain heroes, especially with Skye, Rona and Petal. You can check out the rest of the changes on the upcoming update by heading to Vainglory?s patch notes

Vainglory is now available for the iOS and Android for free.

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