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Vainglory Event Update: Get Tier 3 Hero Skin Discounts From Social Media Sharing

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What do you get when you mix magic and technology and add it to battle? You get Vainglory. With the new Vainglory event, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday even more.

The Vainglory event has two presents in store for their loyal players. These are the ?Vainglory Gives thanks? event and the ?Black Friday Sale.? With each event, players can expect different offers from the team of Super Evil.

?Vainglory Gives Thanks? Event

After the mobile game’s success, the new Vainglory event will allow the ?Super Evil? team to show their gamers how thankful they are for the nonstop support that they have received. What better way to do it than to give them a double dose of ?Glory.?

Starting on Wednesday, November 23, at 4 PM (PST) up to Sunday, November 27, also at 4 PM (PST), the game will automatically offer twice the amount of glory.

Black Friday Sale: You Control the Price!

The much awaited event after Thanksgiving is the famous Black Friday. There, people can get items at low prices, but they have to compare costs and compete against others to get what they want. They also have to wait and fall in line for the item.

Instead of going through all this hassle, the Vainglory team has thought of a way to ease the players? Black Friday ?tension.? Players can now purchase their Vainglory Black Friday purchases right at the comfort of their mobile phone. Most importantly, the players get to choose how much the heroes and their skins are discounted for.

The Vainglory event for Black Friday will ask the players to use their Twitter or Facebook account to share what skin and hero they want to get a discount on. The more the skin is shared, the higher the discount it would reach (it can reach up to 75 percent off). You can view their list of possible heroes and skins on their official website.

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