VA-11 HALL-A: How To Get Different Endings And Meet New Customers

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In an archetypal visual novel, your character?s choices are only decided by a click and the set of your chosen decisions. However, the recently released VA-11 HALL-A game decides dialogue choices and routes according to the drink you serve to your customer. The game has an assortment of NPC customers with each unique story to tell; just serve them the right drinks to trigger the right flags and traverse to your chosen route.

According to Siliconera, VA-11 HALL-A dialogues are triggered by the drinks you serve to your customers. The game comes with an in-game recipe book so you don?t have to go to an intricate trial and error system and spend hours searching for a different drink to raise a different flag on your customers. In the long run, customers will ask you for specific brews and mixes, so be sure to read up on the recipe book to enjoy the game smoothly without looking at the cheat sheet too much.

The game promises a story-based experience, so it?s better to quickly mix the drinks if you want to breeze through the experience and discover each dialogue faster. Additionally, the game seems to be forgiving as you have a Reset button to redo a failed mix.

The game doesn?t have a timer signifying a client?s patience, so it would be nice to take your time unless that changes up in the latter parts of the game. The bartending system may look complicated, but it?s actually simple and easy once you?ve listened carefully to the game?s tutorial.

Later in VA-11 HALL-A, you?ll do regular work as a bartender and earn money to prevent Jill, the bartender and main heroine, from being kicked out of her apartment for failing to pay rent. Regardless of the consequences of your actions, the game has a save-load function that you can freely use in the game?s downtimes. With this system, you can freely re-do conversations with your clients in an attempt to dig for a different response from them. If you?re lucky, you may trigger them to invite another character you can interact with and thus expand your dialogue pool for the game?s story-based experience set in a Cyberpunk dystopia. These customers are your windows to knowing the game?s exact setting, so you?ll really have to be good at mixing those drinks.

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