Use ‘Glitch’ to Boost Speed of Your iPhone

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Recently, a video was posted by Apple?s tracking site 9to5Mac and they call it a ?glitch? to increase the speed of your iPhone. With this technique, iPhone users can load the apps on the device faster.

However, this technique is not like the hacks to improve the speed of your iPhone, in fact, users will have to spend few seconds to exploit the glitch.

To begin with, if you click on an app, it takes few minutes to open up. This is due to processor takes a time to load the app. To solve it, Apple has a setting, called ?Reduce Motion? which would reduce the program?s loading time. However, the app still won?t pop-up immediately as the ?Reduce Motion? function does not remove the fade-in sequence, notes Fortune.

Upon finding the aforementioned bug by a Reddit user, 9to5Mac had it tested it and found a simple way to get apps to load quickly without any of the transitions.

Users can simply follow the steps to get your apps loading more quickly.

iPhone users will have to turn on Assistive Touch by opening Settings>General>Accessibility.

Users have to make sure that the Assistive Touch is at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then start Spotlight search within the home screen by swiping your finger down from the top of the display. After the Assistive Touch button moves above the keyboard, you can type anywhere between the search bar and the keyboard and go back to the home screen.

Now users have to open an app to check if the transitions are gone. If so, now apps can load far more quickly.

Users have to note that by turning off Assistive Touch and leaving it on doesn?t affect app?s performance. It is uncertain that the bug can be exploited or not on other devices but 9to5Mac notes that it had tested it on iPads which run iOS 9 and the result were the same.

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