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How to Use the Baby Monitoring Feature on Samsung Galaxy S5 with Samsung Galaxy Gear Accessory

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Samsung Galaxy S5 hides one feature not many people know and it is a built-in baby monitor which works wonders with Galaxy Gear.


Baby Monitor on Galaxy S5

Samsung did not reveal that their current flagship Android smartphone features a baby monitor aside from a heart-rate monitoring sensor. It requires a Galaxy Gear to enable the baby monitor which acts as Baby Crying Detector. The Galaxy Gear accessory displays a notification whenever the Galaxy S5 picks up the sound of a crying child or baby.

However, Samsung does not want users to rely heavily on the baby monitor sensor which is probably the reason why it was not unveiled during the launching event. But it is still useful at certain times like helping younger kids to monitor a baby for specific moments or aid parents while watching movies during the night. Hopefully we can see future improvements in this special feature.

How to Use Baby Crying Monitor

You cannot use the baby monitoring feature in the Samsung Galaxy S5 without pairing it to a Galaxy Gear accessory. Once you have both devices, you can now enable and use the feature at your disposal.

  1. Go to the Accessibility menu on the Galaxy S5
  2. Go to Hearing menu
  3. Scroll down and tap on Baby Crying Detector
  4. Read the guidelines carefully
  5. Select OK to enable the feature

As part of Samsung?s guidelines regarding its use, Baby Crying Detector feature was not designed to replace specific device which functions as baby monitors but only as a parenting aid. It works best within one meter from the baby with no background noise to prevent error on audio recognition ? this could be useful during nap times or in the middle of the night.

Moreover, it is not recommended to leave the baby alone inside a building or your house to be monitored by the Galaxy S5 and Samsung is not liable for any loss, damages or injuries ?by using this function.

Samsung?s secret feature adds more excitement to upcoming users as they can expect more in addition to IP67 ingress protection against dust and water, fingerprint sensor, heart-rate monitor and healthy lifestyle services provided by Galaxy S5.

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