USB Type-C Will Change The Way You Listen To Your Music

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USB Type-C

Last year, Apple made headlines when they introduced the redesigned MacBook. Apart from taking the design example of the MacBook Air, the thing that made the MacBook stand out is its new port. For this version of MacBook, Apple veered well away from the customary MagSafe and favored the USB Type-C instead.?

Back then, it was introduced as a single port to do both high-speed data transfer and charging. However, unbeknownst to many, it does not end there.

In the recently-held Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, engineers discussed the benefits of using the USB Type-C.

According to ?Rhaman Ismail and Brad Saunders, the new USB Type-C is the best interface for audio. In addition to this, they also think that users will soon come around as they become aware of the benefits of using this new interface.

Mobile Phone with USB Type-C

Mobile Phone with USB Type-C (via

What is USB Type-C and why is it better than the standard headphone jack?

For one, USB-C is capable of ?streaming??digital audio. This means that there will be no need for analog to digital conversion. This will also impact manufacturing since companies will have smaller and lesser parts to deal with.

Apart from the obvious space savings, USB Type-C users will also benefit of superb audio quality from their digital contents. Of course, users would need to get a compatible headphone to take advantage of this feature.

Finally,?USB Type-C?supports additional power saving features. For instance, if the microphone is not in use, the port can disable it by cutting the power supply. Moreover, for those who use noise cancelling headphones, this port can also charge the connected device while listening to music.

Unfortunately, not all of these are good news. Of course, with the introduction of new technology comes some drawbacks. At the moment, there is just one that may spoil all the fun.

Since mobile devices usually carry only one port, users will not be able to listen to music while they are charging their devices. Although this problem can be circumvented by accessories which will definitely be available soon.

As it stands, there is still that love-hate relationship that consumers always feel when introduced to new things. However, like Apple?s?lightning connector, users will see more of the benefits and will begin to embrace changes.

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