USA’s NSA Uses Radio Waves To Use 100 Thousand Computers for Cyber-Attacks Worldwide

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3NSAUSA’s NSA Uses Radio Waves To Use 100 Thousand Computers for Cyber-Attacks Worldwide



The United States of America through its National Security Agency has long been accused of spying on hundreds of thousands of devices using the internet. Recent reports indicate that they are now able to do the same surveillance on computers that are not even connected to the web.

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Video: Total Surveillance ( Signsofthycoming / YouTube)


The NSA, technology experts say, has managed to plant software in approximately One Hundred Thousand (100,000) computers?

1NSAworldwide using various means. The most common way is via the internet or using existing networks that they can tap into. The latest manner in which they are able to use and control computers is via radio pathways or what is more commonly known as radio waves.

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Video: How the NSA used Radio Waves To Spy On Offline Computers (PBS News / YouTube)



5NSAThis software supposedly gives the NSA not only the capability to do surveillance but to also establish a digital network that can launch cyber-attacks on its enemies. This information is reportedly based not only on studies made by experts, but also from information provided by NSA documents (leaked by Edward Snowden) and anonymous officials of the US government.

This technology is nothing new, experts claim as the US government has been using this tech for more than five (5) years. This system, they add, is dependent on radio pathways that are transmitted by computers that have been clandestinely inserted with USB cards or very small circuit boards. These circuit boards and USB cards have the capability of relaying data to portable relay bases (contained in a machine the size of a small piece of luggage or brief-case) located several 4NSAkilometers away.

This radio wave tech was a solution to one of the most difficult problems the American spy agencies had. Before this was implemented, American agencies and their allies have found it nearly impossible to penetrate the computer systems of their enemies. In this case however, the difficulty only lies in ?inserting? the hardware inside the computer. Once this is achieved (and it may not be as difficult as it sounds), the NSA has full access not only to the computer’s data, but it can also use it to launch an attack on the network used by the computer.

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Video: NSA Can Access Computers Via Radio Waves (Newsytech / YouTube)


2NSASources revealed that the NSA has been able to accomplish the ?plants? by physically inserting the hardware on an unsuspecting user or by having a ? cooperative manufacturer? of the computer do the job.

The NSA tried to downplay the news reports (which have come out in both mainstream and social news media) by labeling this strategy as an ?active defense? by the US government against foreign cyber-attacks and not as a mechanism to launch the same.


Watch out in the coming days for Part 2 of our report on the NSA ?radio waves? cyber strategy, here at The Bitbag.


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