USA Basketball Team Partnering With Samsung For VR Content?

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The USA Basketball Team seems to be partnering with Samsung VR and Viceland. This is for the next installment of the VR series called Beyond the Frame. This series is created by Viceland in cooperation with Samsung in the hopes of creating the future of storytelling in VR.

Beyond The Frame has been working with artists, musicians and directors in the past. This is to show wonderful stories directly from the eyes of the subjects. This is an immersive way to tell the story and for people to connect to the story–by stepping into a person?s shoes.

Here?s a look at some of their works:

The above video is the introduction to the whole Beyond the Frame concept. Now, a new episode is about to unfurl and that includes the USA Basketball Team. It will be called Chasing the Dream. It is best to experience on Samsung VR. Here?s the trailer:

As reported by Android Headines, Samsung itself is quite involved in the Olympic Games. It also gave 12,500 phones to athletes. Samsung has made itself one of the best known companies and brands out there, that maybe, they are not just limiting themselves to telling stories on VR. They might be in the works of pioneering VR games as well. Games that might involve the USA Basketball Team or any sport organization.

VR is a very powerful tool to communicate not just ideas but experiences. This is all what the fuzz is about in VR gaming and many VR firms are focusing more on hardware. Now, we see Samsung trying to penetrate in the creation of content. Should it escalate to games? Maybe it will someday. What?s sure though is that they try so hard to be ahead of the curve that they just might manage to pull off something crazy and worthwhile someday.

This is all speculation for now. But who knows what this Korean juggernaut has in store for us.

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