This Is Us Spoilers, Schedule Shift: When Will Episode 7 Air?

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This is Us
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This Is Us won?t be airing tonight due to the US Presidential elections coverage, but the next episode will be seen next week on November 15. Which will give viewers time to prepare and stock up on tissue, as the show reveals yet another episode bound to set off the waterworks.

Titled The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World, it looks like the difficult moments and growing distance between Jack and Rebecca will be revealed next week. Given the fact that Rebecca ended up with Jack?s bestfriend, Miguel in the end, the big question now is, did she remarry after Jack?s death, or did they get a divorce while he was still alive?

Meanwhile, Kate and Toby?s relationship is blossoming, and it?s almost unthinkable now for the couple to go anywhere but reach the finish line. Unfortunately, in a teaser released for Episode 7 when Kate dropped in on her boyfriend unannounced, why did Toby look like he?s less than happy to see Kate at his door? Could he be entertaining another visitor in the house? Toby scores well with the ladies as evidenced by his beautiful ex-wife, so it?s not impossible that he might have someone on the side. Then again, speculations abound that Toby may not be hiding a person, but rather he might be cheating on his diet and doesn?t want Kate to know.


Randall and Kevin?s relationship would be explored in the next episode as well. Growing up, they haven?t been exactly best friends. Now that Kevin has decided to crash in Randall?s house while he pursues a career in theater, could it be time to mend their relationship?

William?s story will also be touched on as This is Us spoilers tease that he would share something big with Beth. Let?s hope he doesn?t reveal that Rebecca has known all along about him, or Randall?s heart will truly?break.

November 15 can?t come soon enough. This Is Us airs next week on NBC.

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