US Presidential Elections 2016: Why Hillary Clinton Lost?

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US Presidential Elections 2016

As Democrats cope with their US Presidential elections 2016 loss to an American businessman, Hillary Clinton?s campaign appears to have some answer. However, Clinton?s loss to such an unpopular rival will surely agonize the democrats for quite some time.

Eventually, an explanation might surface as the wave of such an unexpected turn of events pass. At the present time, there are few things to consider as to how Clinton lost. Firstly, CNN stated that African-American, Latino, and younger voters didn?t show up at the polls in expected numbers.

An increase voter turnout could?ve helped Clinton increase her winning chance. Clinton conceded the US Presidential elections 2016 after 2 a.m., despite her campaign being confident of victory.

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However, she lost some states that she thought to be with her, such as Wisconsin. According to exit poll data, she underperformed Barack Obama across the board despite winning the key demographic groups which her campaign targeted.

Rigged US Presidential Elections 2016?

While it?s pretty hard to believe, the French seer who predicted the 9/11 incident have also predicted the outcome of the election. According to Nostradamus, Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States and also referred to him as ?The Blonde One? and a ?great shameless and audacious bawler?

Furthermore, the French seer Nostradamus has also predicted Trump?s most strong rival, Clinton, which he referred to as ?The Masculine Woman? and ?The Queen?. However, that isn?t the place where his predictions end.

US Presidential Elections 2016

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Nostradamus also mentioned ?rigged elections?. In this case, did someone commit an electoral fraud during the US Presidential Elections 2016?. Conveniently, no one was mentioned in the prediction regarding this matter.

On the other hand, a slighty larger share of Latino and black voters surprisingly cast ballots for Trump. This is quite surprising, given that Trump made multiple rude remarks against African Americans, Mexicans and other immigrants.

Despite Trump?s threats such as building a wall on the Mexican border and deporting undocumented immigrants, 29% still cast their votes for him while 65% went to Clinton. Meanwhile, African-Americans strongly supported Clinton.

As a result, Clinton received 88% of their votes while Trump still managed to acquire the other 8%. When it comes to teens and middle-aged American citizens, both candidates achieved a good score.

Hillary acquired 54% while Trump is at 37%. At the present time, Clinton might still be dealing with her loss. Hence, people might not hear an explanation directly from her for quite some time. For more US Presidential Elections 2016 news and updates, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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