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US Presidential Debate: Watch Full Debate Recap Here to Know Why Clinton Was Declared Winner

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US Presidential Debate Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been declared as the winner of the first US Presidential debate between her and Donald Trump by early polls and focus groups. The event was held at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York earlier today.

Full Video Recap of US Presidential Debate

Here is the full video recap of the US Presidential debate:

According to Fox News, Clinton was well prepared for the debate and she displayed that it was because of her qualifications, experience and personality she was able clinch win in every poll. Clinton did not appear rattled and Trump ended up missing out on attacking on her on issues like Clinton?s use of private server and using special prosecutor for her email scandal.

Very tactfully Clinton used the words said by Trump against him in matters related to nuclear weapons and the importance of the U.S. standing by its allies. Clinton was also lauded by focus groups on her replies on the racial tensions grappling the U.S.

Clinton said that Trump is a person who has called women with various names like pigs, slobs and pigs She added that Trump has said that,? ? pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers.” She further stated that Trump has also said that, ?? women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good of a job as men.?

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Clinton Declared Winner By Polls, Focus Groups

A poll conducted by debate watchers by CNN revealed that 62 percent felt that Clinton won the debate whereas 27 percent felt Trump won it. A poll by Public Policy Polling found that 51 percent felt Clinton won the debate. She scored well in topics like racism, trade, sexism, crime and economy.

One of the CNN panelists stated that Trump did not do well in highlighting his strengths and weaknesses. He appeared rambled but scored well in several segments such as Clinton?s role in the increased Islamic terrorism in the Middle East and her support of trade agreements.

Trump stated that he had enjoyed the debate, but he did not wait for the post-debate victory party. The Lester Holt, who anchors NBC Nightly News has been criticized for his lackluster hosting as Clinton and Trump were found talking over him in several occasions, AL.com reported. He didn?t appear to be in full control of the debate.

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Second, Third US Presidential Debate

The second debate will be held on Oct. 9 at Washington University, St. Louis and the last debate will happen at University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Oct. 19.

What do you think about the first US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Do let us know your thoughts by posting comments below.

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