US Paranoid About Flight Safety; Reportedly Considering Banning Laptops and Tablets from Flights from UK and Other European Countries

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US to extend tablets and laptop ban on UK and Europe flights

A few weeks ago, the Trump administration made global headlines. It announced that it is banning the use of tablets and laptops aboard an aircraft. Furthermore, aircrafts flying into the United States originating from ten Middle Eastern countries were the target. Now, it seems like the US is expanding its mandate to flights originating from the UK and some European countries.

According to The Guardian, the current administration is considering barring passengers of flights originating from the UK from taking their electronic devices bigger than a mobile phone in their carry-on luggages. This ban will be similar to the one previously upheld by the United States Department of Homeland Security on ten Middle Eastern countries.

At the moment, the DHS has not yet confirmed if the plan is to be acted upon immediately. However, a spokesperson of the agency said that it is still evaluating the threat environment. This is so it make an informed decision about the plan of action. Furthermore, the agency has also not made a decision yet as to which countries will be affected by the rule.

US to extend tablets and laptop ban on UK and Europe flights

Young businessman working on his laptop in the airport.

On the previous mandate, passengers originating from the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar, and Turkey are not permitted to bring their tablets or laptops in the aircraft’s cabin. Thankfully, major airlines operating from the countries mentioned offered a solution to its would-be passengers.

Unfortunately, the solution does not extend to all passengers, at least for some major Middle Eastern airlines. For instance, the scheme being used by Emirates and Qatar Airways are only for business and first class passengers.

It is still unclear as to why the US government would want to extend the ban to the UK and other European countries. However, it could be that some passengers have found a loophole in the system that it wants to correct. Nevertheless, this new rule will surely be a nuisance to anyone flying to the United States.

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