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Urban Legends in The Gaming Sphere: Games Crossing Over into the Twilight Zone

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Ever since the first pinball machine was created, gaming is a phenomenon that transcended races and crossed cultural boundaries. It is a trillion dollar industry, and each year, even as more new games come out, you can be sure that if it?s something that?s popular, gamers will go and buy it. The industry makes a killing from this, and that is why no gaming company ever goes down; perhaps there are some, but that?s a whole new story altogether.

As with any culture, however, there are stories, stories from within the grape vine about strange occurrences happening. It might be that you?re playing a game in the dark of night, and all of a sudden, something goes wrong?a glitch, a blown fuse perhaps, or an act of the supernatural trying to make itself felt through the one media it knows can get your attention: your game.

Here, now, presented for your enjoyment, are the different urban legends in the gaming sphere. While some of these are obviously fake, some are real. It?s up to you to decide which is which.


-????????? The Fallout 3 Oracle

Back in Greece, the Oracle in Delphi was a daily fixture. People trooped to Delphi in order to seek advice from the Oracle, who can see the future. Now, it seems to have made its presence felt within the game.

The sequence happens once you kill the host of Galaxy News Radio and destroy Raven Rock. The station then begins to send different coded transmissions. These transmissions are meant to have been the Three Dog reading off numbers before tapping off Morse code, possibly for help. But if you look closely, you might see that some of them predict Gary Coleman?s exact time and date of death, then it is followed by some that says the Queen is dead, Britney wins an Oscar, and one disturbing final code that depicts someone about to off himself because the world is slowly being destroyed.

While Bethesda has denied it, you go figure out for yourself what these are all about.


-????????? The Killswitch Experiment

There was a game back in the 80s that was called Killswitch, a fairly simple game that let you choose between two starting characters. You can either play the protagonist, or the antagonist, a powerful, invisible demon. It had a weird story of miners having a revolution and Lovecraftian evils. Another weird thing about it is that it has the capacity to erase itself completely, without any trace. As of now, there are no playable copies left. And a little fact: no one was able to beat the game as the demon.

Fast forward to the present time, and a Japanese man manages to buy a copy of the game for $733,000. Intending to release a playthrough of the game to prove its existence, only one video was ever released: that very same Japanese man, wearing ragged clothing, sitting in front of his computer, crying. It may or may not have existed at all, but how do we know that?


-????????? The Ghost of Herobrine

Minecraft players may be familiar with their very own phantasm named Herobrine. There are many stories about him; either that he?s a glitch, a virus, or the restless spirit of Notch?s dead brother. However, the very first appearance of him was noted in a livestream where the player saw him standing in the middle of a lava field. The stream crashed. Instead, those watching the stream were directed to an image of Herobrine and a message that told them to WAKE UP.


-????????? A Game called Polybius

It was the 80s when this game came around. It was released in Portland, Oregon initially, and was said to have been really entertaining and highly addictive. Since Oregon was a rural area and back then, the arcade is to them as the latest console is to us, you can see how everyone wanted to play the game.

However, the legend goes on that men in black suits often were in close proximity of the game. And it doesn?t stop there?the game allegedly inspired suicide and caused a lot of mental problems like amnesia and insomnia. There were countless allegations that it was used by the government and it contained subliminal messages, but sadly, no proof that the game ever existed was found ever since.


-????????? Earthbound and the Final Abortion Mission

While this is a game that can be considered trippy by featuring strange, sentient noises and a monkey that traveled in bubbles, Earthbound is a really good game. However, the final stage, killing the alien boss Giygas, has the protagonists travelling back in time to target the alien where it was at its weakest.

This happens and they are transported into a place that is full of pink stuff and looks like bio-technology. At the end, though, is a weirdly miasmic Giygas who babbles incoherently while you damage it. It?s also nice to know that this game was inspired by murder, said the creator of the game.


-????????? The Lavender Town Original Mix

Pokemon?s huge popularity has had a lot of weight in creating this one. There has also been a lot of theories about this on Creepy Pasta, but apparently, the high-pitched tone was present only on the Japanese cartridge of the game. In 1996 kids aged 7-12 allegedly killed themselves once they reached Lavender Town and heard the noise.

If that wasn?t creepy enough, in 2010 a person managed to crack the code to the tone, only to find out a message written in the language of Pokemon called Unowns. The message spelled ?Leave Now?. And lastly, before the U.S. Version was released, Nintendo changed the song because apparently, Cthulhu was already appeased.


-????????? Luigi?s Death in Luigi?s Mansion

This one has gamers baffled as they play through Luigi?s mansion. They say that, in one instance, where Luigi is in the mansion, the lightning slowly illuminates a body that is hanging from the ceiling. If you look closely, it said, the body?s clothes, height, and dimensions closely resembles that of Luigi?s.

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