?Once Upon A Time? Spoilers: A Test on Regina and Robin?s relationship?

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Going steady and strong, the next episode of ?Once Upon A Time? will surely highlight the relationship of Regina, played by Lana Parrilla, and Robin Hood, portrayed by Sean Maguire.

Just like any other tight relationship, these two have managed to stay together regardless of circumstances.

So what should we expect on Regina and Robin?s love affair? Here are some hints.

According to a report from Enstarz, the couple went down to the Underworld, where their relationship will be tested along the way.

Parrilla revealed to Variety, as posted on the Enstarz? article, that Regina and Robin will continue to show solid rapport despite having conflicts because of Zelena, played by Rebecca Mader. No matter what the conflict, it should be remembered that Robin followed Regina in the Underworld even when he didn?t need to. (That?s so sweet.)

According to Parrilla, Robin doesn?t want to leave her; he wanted to ensure that Regina would be in a safe situation, especially going to a dangerous place such as the Underworld. But the looming issue with Zelena, who is the mother of Robin?s baby, will surely complicate things.

“Robin and Regina will face some other conflicts as the season progresses; he’s the father of this baby with Zelena, and that is something that, until it comes front and center and we have to deal with it, it’s on the back burner–the number one focus is trying to get to Hook [Colin O’Donoghue],” Parrilla said in the interview.

She also teased that there might be something happening down the Underworld that might focus on Zelena, her love for the child, and what she will do to get the baby back. Interesting, isn?t it? Who will kidnap or steal the baby? No further details have been shared.

Meanwhile, Parrilla also bared some scenes between her and Jennifer Morrison, who plays the role of Emma. The reason why she went down to the Underworld was to follow Emma. And the real reason? Regina values love and relationships above all and Emma and Regina are family as Parrilla would put it. Indeed, they are the best of friends.

Once Upon a Time is aired Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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