Once Upon A Time Season 6 Spoilers, Release Date: Regina To Experience Tough Road Block In Defeating Her Alter Evil Queen

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With still months to go before the much awaited premiere of Once Upon A Time Season 6, everyone is expecting that the first part of the show will most likely highlight Regina and her struggles to overpower the demon inside of her.

It should be remembered that Regina, as portrayed by Lana Parrilla, tore down a page of Dr. Jekyll?s book. Jekyll is played by Hank Harris. However, this scene has yet to mean something for the audience. Will it help her to kill the evil queen which happens to be her alter ego? Or will it just push her evil self to grow even more?

Reports revealed that the sixth installment of the series will talk about Regina, especially the episode opener, titled The Savior. It is expected that she will be fighting off her evil alter ego. She almost killed the evil queen before however it did not die and just threatened her.

Edward Kitsis, Once Upon A Time executive producer, also bared that the true intention of the wicked Queen is to sow Regina what it really means to be lonely. Kitsis went on to say that one of the two will be sacrificing herself.

According to the producer, the roles of Regina are very different as they talk on separate paths. It can be seen in the series that the Evil Queen will be disappointed on seeing her alter Regina?s evolution. He hinted that once the wicked character goes out she will unravel to Regina what loneliness truly is.

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Kitsis told that the show will answer the question in whether someone can really eliminate evilness inside of him or her. With the Queen acting as the antagonist in the show, Regina?s journey in Once Upon A Time Season 6 will definitely be a rocky one. It will not be as if she?s walking in the park.

As mentioned earlier, Evil Queen did not die when she attempted to kill her, a proof that she can?t be defeated easily. This gives fans an idea that it might be her who will sacrifice her life to save the town from her alter evilness. Regina, luckily, will not be fighting all by herself as her friends are going to help her defeating the Evil Queen.

The series? season 6 is going to air starting on September 25 on ABC.

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