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UPlay Problems Prevent People From Playing Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs Next-Gen
Watch Dogs Next-Gen

Watch Dogs? release last Tuesday was, undoubtedly, the biggest multiplatform release to ever happen in the history of video games. However, as with any other multi-platform release, Watch Dogs had its few small nuisances (which is a big deal to some as well).

Shortly, after the launch, hyped consumers stormed game stores and went home right away to start playing the game. What did happen was something they didn?t expect. The Watch Dogs PC version had problems logging in. This issue was, particularly with regard to uPlay client. Problems ranged from some not being able to login, the game crashes for no reason, and some cannot even create uPlay accounts.

These problems aren?t that of the same scale as with online games like Diablo 3 or Battlefield 4, but still, seeing the game, on its ?LAUNCH DAY?, have these problems is pretty disappointing. Unerving even, especially with a much-anticipated big game like Watch Dogs.

Fortunately enough, Ubisoft stated that they are working on the problem and even states that some things have already started improving. This can clear some doubts for those who plan to get the game in a later day. Still, there are some reports regarding the game?s issues, but Ubisoft assures that each and every issue (and the future ones) will be taken care of, as they should have been, last Wednesday night.

Despite all these problems that shrouds Watch Dogs (along with an outlandish PR stunt that had a bomb squad appearing), the game still sold well and it keeps being like that. It is even the publisher?s best-selling title to date and majority of the reviews it gets are positive ones, despite the fact that some features initially shown weren?t included in the official release of the game. If these problems would be taken care of, it?s not hard too assume that Watch Dogs might even be a good candidate for the title of ?Game of The Year?

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