Upgrade your sinful burgers and sandwiches into a healthier and more nutritious superfood!

These zero sugar and zero sugar smart buns are the healthy way to enjoy your usual comfort food

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Burgers, sandwiches and similar products have been part of our list of comfort foods. And why not. They are satisfying, fulfilling and no doubt, delicious. And during the days when you take a long time contemplating whether to bun or not to bun (so you can get away with the extra carbs), here comes a smart alternative that can make you enjoy your favorite food without giving up bread!

Yes, you read that right! Indulging in delicious burgers doesn’t have to make you feel guilty at all with the help of these buns that are actually a 100% natural superfood! Get to know these Zero Sugar and Zero Starch SmartBuns from Miracle Noodle!

What are these Smart Buns all about?

Zero Sugar and Zero Starch SmartBuns from Miracle Noodle offers you a brand new way to upgrade your burger into something nutritious, yet delicious. It can turn a heavily sinful meal into something that your body will thank you for by letting you enjoy something you love without the carbs and all the unnecessary guilt!

Smart Buns are a delicious gluten-free hamburger bun that is high in protein, fiber, Omega-3’s and contains only 72 calories! (How amazing is that?) They come in two variants – plain hamburger buns and sesame hamburger buns. Both are guaranteed to be nutritious and delicious.

What ingredients were used in making these Smart Buns

Smart Buns are guaranteed to be the better and healthier option because they are made of oat fiber, rice fiber, corn fiber, eggs, and other natural flavors and spices. They taste buttery and delicious without using high fat ingredients which make them an excellent alternative for your diet!

Other things you’ll love about Smart Buns

In case you’re wondering, Smart Buns offer other healthy benefits, too. Aside from helping you keep your diet on track, this superfood has found a way to strengthen your immune system while you dig into your favorite burger. Because of all the non-GMO ingredients used in the making of this product, you’ve found something that reduces your risk of chronic diseases, help your digestion and something you’ll enjoy at the same time!

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