Upcoming Sword Art Online Movie Reaches a New Title Called Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale

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Sword Art Online Movie

The Sword Art Online Movie (SAO) is drawing much attention after it was recently revealed that the film adaptation is nearing its launching date. According to IGN, the movie, which is set to carry the title Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale is scheduled for release in Japan in 2017.

Prior to the movie adaptation, Sword Art Online has been on various publications, including eight manga adaptations and an anime television series in Japan that ran from July to December of 2012.

At least three video games were released based on the series, mainly Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, which was developed by Bandai Namco games for the PlayStation Portable. This was followed by Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment for the PlayStation Vita and Sword Art Online: Lost Song for the PlayStation 3.

As early as October, the news of the series coming to film has circulated online and as reported by Gematsu, an upcoming video game entitled Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and an exclusive for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita will be released this fall in Japan.

In the official website of Sword Art Online Movie, the Ordinal Scale was described and stated as ?following its release, it has become the most discussed game due to its advance technology. In this game, players can increase their rank by collecting items that appear in various places in the real world and by defeating monsters. This ?Ranking System? is the main feature of the game, and in this system, each player?s status is determined by their rank which is indicated by an ordinal number instead of a cardinal number. As the result, high ranking players are given overwhelming power and often rank has become a major factor in deciding the outcome of the PvP battle.?


You can watch the trailer of Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale here.

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