Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 May Revolutionize Mobile Security With Possible Inclusion of an Iris Scanner

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Rumor – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to come with much-awaited iris scanner

The tech rumor mill?s metaphorical fire has been set blazing recently amidst speculations that Samsung may include an unprecedented iris scanner to their upcoming Galaxy Note 4 model. Samsung fans were a little disappointed when the Korean megacompany skipped the said feature when they released the Galaxy S5 with only a fingerprint sensor.

It may be hard times these days for Samsung, as they?ve announced weaker sales for the past quarter but that apparently didn?t waver their determination to innovate. In a recent tweet by their Exynos group, the South Korean company hinted at a new feature for its upcoming devices. In the post, @SamsungExynos has captioned the photo attached with ?Security can be improved using features unique to us. That’s what we envision. What would you use??

The company touted the supposed feature with the phrase ?unique to us? strongly suggesting the iris/retinal scanner feature. In addition, the timing of the said tweet comes a few months before the expected launch of the next-gen Galaxy Note 4.

Last May, Samsung was reported to have filed a patent in their home country involving a user interface to be used for authenticating iris scanning input in smartphones. Moreover, a Samsung VP has also confirmed that they are planning to integrate biometric scanners even to lower end models.

The existing biometric feature, which is the fingerprint sensor, is obviously not foolproof and Samsung is reportedly determined to make their devices safer against hackers by introducing new eye scanning technology.

Details about the feature are still scarce at present. SamMobile first reported about the topic last Saturday and they were also the first to associate it with the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. The image suggests that Samsung’s eye scanning technology can be used to pay mobile, electricity and supermarket bills. The fingerprint sensor that Samsung uses in Galaxy S5 can be used to make mobile payments via PayPal.


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