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Upcoming PS Vita Game Shiin May Revive The Handheld

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Upcoming PS Vita Game Shiin
Upcoming PS Vita Game Shiin

News of the PS Vita?s upcoming doom is raging all over the Internet. And the arrival of the Nintendo Switch has only aggravated the story even more. But is this really the case?

Well, one reliable indicator that a console is about to go into the dark is when it runs out of notable game releases. Because a console really is as good as the games that run on it.

But it looks like the PS Vita still has some fight in it. Its latest upcoming PS Vita game Shiin may just revive the handheld


PlayStation?s official Japanese YouTube account has revealed a new teaser video for an upcoming PS Vita game. The mysterious game in quest was named ?Shiin,? which stands for ?Death Mark? in English.

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The teaser video showcases some very creepy scenes and sounds in it. Clips of a decaying chair with a black rabbit with red eyes beside a clock in a room can be seen. There are also quick clips of a person with strange red markings on their back.

Teaser Video

And although there is little to no info about the game yet, we?re pretty sure that it’s going to be a creepy one. The teaser video gives you a strong sense of the ghost and horror survival genre in it?s theme.

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The teaser video ends with the words: “Welcome, my dear guest.” And finally, to put in the last touch of horror in all of this, the video?s description in YouTube says: “The Mark,’ it is a countdown to ‘Death.?

We can only imagine what all this will mean when the game officially comes out, but we?re pretty sure this game?s going down the horror game genre path.

A teaser website for the game is also out but is pretty bare and bones at the moment. The site is currently just featuring the mysterious teaser video.

The new teaser video was produced for a third party title. reports that the teaser video wasn?t made for a game produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia.

If the PS Vita really is going out soon, then at least it looks like it?s set to go out with a bang with Shiin.

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