Upcoming First-Person Shooter Screencheat Is The Only Game Where ‘Cheating’ Is A Way Of Life

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Cheating is a way of life – that will be the motto of players who will tackle the upcoming FPS Screencheat

Cheating is a way of life – that will be the motto of players who will tackle the upcoming FPS Screencheat

Screencheat is a first-person shooter (FPS) game that promises to offer one of the most unique gameplays in its genre. Apparently, players need to peek into their enemies? screens to know their location and win the game.

Standard multiplayer etiquette obliges player to avoid looking to other players? screens to gauge their whereabouts. That is customary to popular multiplayer splitscreen shooters such as Halo and Perfect Dark. But that rule isn?t written on stone; many players still use that as a strategy. Screencheat tries to remove the bad out of that common strategy by incorporating it into its own gameplay. In the game, players need to carefully analyze the colored parts of each map (which indicates their opponent?s location) and recognize landmarks in order to hunt down their invisible opponents for good.

Screencheat is developed by Samurai Punk, a game studio based in Melbourne, Australia. The studio is composed of four aspiring developers who partnered with Surprise Attack to publish the game. Samurai Punk plans to add five maps and eight weapons into the game, along with six modes that include King of the Hill, Death Match, CTF, and One Shot among others.

The upcoming FPS will display a two-to-four splitscreen, both online and locally. The game first garnered attention during the 2014 Global Game Jam where it bagged the ?Jammers Game of Choice Award? as well as three other honorable mentions such as the ?Best Use of Theme,? ?Best Accessibility,? and ?Judge?s Choice for Best Game.?

The game is set for a Steam platform release in October along with an optional gamepad support. A free beta phase is also out for sign up, you can go here if you want to join. The beta will run from August 4 to September 3. Screencheat is planned to release on Mac, Linux, and Windows PC platforms.

Here is the most recent Screencheat trailer posted by Surprise Attack:


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