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Upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Tweaks Pistols

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Things are looking great for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Since its inception, the developers of CS:GO have been constantly making changes and improvements to the game to preserve its balance. Their regular tweaks and updates make the game more interesting for the players considering its competitive nature.

In a blog post by Valve, the developers revealed that there are going to be some interesting changes, particularly in the CT pistols.

In the post, they said that the previous Arms Deal Update was a “success”. The goal of the patch was to add variety to the weapons players use during matches, and give more opportunities to demonstrate their skills in other weapons.

In the data collected by Valve, the balance of primary weapon purchases used throughout competitive matches has been more even, since the release of the M4A1-S rifle.





According to the post, they are also looking to follow the same principle they used in primary weapon purchases and implement it also for secondary weapons, specifically the CT side.

Since its release, the CZ75a pistol has gained popularity among competitive matches. The results looked promising early on, they said. A month after its release, the balance between secondary weapon purchases has been somewhat even. But after a couple of months, the behavior of the community took a drastic change.


Based on the data gathered, the pistol made up for more than 50 percent of all secondary weapon purchases in the CT side, more than all other pistols combined.

?Our goal was to increase variety in pistol selection, but the CZ is starting to have the opposite effect. So in next week?s update, you can expect us to make some pistol changes,? the post stated.

It is yet unclear in the post if the overpowered CZ75a is going to receive a ?nerf,? or if Valve will just buff the other underutilized pistols. We?ll just have to see when the patch gets implemented this week.

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